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Who am I, who's this 'Rich' guy? Why are we going anywhere?

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'I' is a 24-year-old Londoner with some creative aspirations and a liking for wolves. Beyond that it's difficult to know what to say. It's common to describe yourself in relation to your job, but I'm currently unemployed, and one of the things I'm temporarily 'off the leash' from is a working life, and there's no guarantee that I will return to the profession I left. I'm really not sure who 'I' is. Another thing I'm 'off the leash' from, or trying to be, is the self I apparently was in London, who claimed to want to be a writer but didn't do any writing, and who spent far too much time cringing in an existential corner. Any readers should bear this in mind when encountering the more personal/esoteric parts of this blog, as I don't believe you can go travelling in the physical sense alone. If I come back and the only travelling I've done can be measured in km or miles, then it's been a waste.

Rich is far more practical guy into programming, and who I spent the last 3 years living with in London (along with some other fun characters :)). Neither of us know what we want from travelling, and our first stop, Nepal, was almost picked out of a hat. The stop after, India, came from a more longstanding desire, created by the book-born impression of a fantastical land of yogis and six-armed gods and 'extreme experiences', and cemented by other people going and definitely having 'extreme experiences'. I was on a contract role that ended just as the lease on our house did, Rich left his nice programming job and we spent a couple of weeks crashing at our ex-housemates'/friends' house, and packing frantically.

What do you take with you on a trip with no set time frame, with no return ticket booked? What did I take?

What do you take with you on a trip with no set time frame, with no return ticket booked? What did I take?

3 x vest tops
1 longish skirt
2 x combat trousers
2 x bras
5 x knickers
2 x pairs of socks
Rain mac
Walking boots (worn to airport)
Camping sandals
Wrap/hippy shawl thing
3 x bandannas - because I'm paranoid
Footless tights
2 necklaces and earrings (to keep my piercings open) in small bag

Passport! With Indian visa sticker, and Australia e-visa linked
Passport photos
Photocopy of passport page
Head torch
X mini portable speaker
Filter bottle, with bottle holder
Memory stick
Ipod and earphones, with pointless earphone holder
Digital camera
Padlock and key
Half-broken satchel bag
Sleeping bag liner
International adaptor/surge protector
Cables and chargers
Camping mug
Utility belt

Contact lenses (huge quantity)
Moisturiser (by accident)
Hair styling powder??? (by accident)
Shower gel/shampoo combo
Med kit – plasters, Ibuprofen, Immodium, laxatives, sleeping pills, earplugs
Universal sink plug
Laundry liquid
Baby wipes
Mosquito repellent
Annoying ear medicine I have to lug (no pun intended) everywhere
Sanitary pads
Mooncup – this is actually amazing. See www.mooncup.co.uk for info.
Toothbrush and toothpaste


Journal and pens
Blank sketchbook and pencils
Notebook – theoretically for any creative writing urges
Rough Guide to India (with most of the pages for the unlikely states torn out)
Lonely Planet Guide to Nepal
Learn Nepali phrasebook
Poi – hilariously indulgent and silly. I've technically been spinning poi for years, but rarely practise and this is doubtful to change whilst travelling.
Graphics tablet – 'what the hell?' Yes, I know, I know. I had these nice ideas about doing some digital art on the go, using Rich's laptop. Mad.

Aside from the laptop, Rich also provides access to another guidebook on Nepal, a Hindi phrasebook and the ability to navigate and fix things. (In one hostel I have yet to write about, Rich first fixed the toilet, and then the hostel's WiFi by suspecting first the IP address of the router, then the admin username, then the password, then the problem. The hostel owners were none the wiser and never knew their benefactor).

In some places to come, I would regret not taking a sink, if not specifically the kitchen one.

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