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Angle grinding 28.11.2014
Hilltop Paradise 27.11.2014
Buzzing around some trippy toads 19.11.2014
Imperial spanners 17.11.2014
Bees 'n' bush in Queensland 14.11.2014
A note from the present: I'm doing WHAT in India? 09.12.2013
More Jaipur: Indians in India??! (Om shanti shanti...) 20.11.2013
Disco palaces and a labyrinth of stares: women + India 18.11.2013
Agra in 3 Days: "it is not allowed to paint the Taj Mahal" 16.11.2013
Benares: City of Light 13.11.2013
Don't Lucknow... 13.11.2013
Varanasi: City of Filth 12.11.2013
Lumbini... Exit Nepal, Enter India 05.11.2013
Pokhara (and Kathmandu again!) 04.11.2013
Booze and flying shamans... down to Jomsom 28.10.2013
The Pass of DOOM... Yak Kharka to Ranipauwa 26.10.2013
Manang to Yak Kharka, with panic 22.10.2013
Manang and shouting at mountains 21.10.2013
'Om mani padme hum': Pisang to Braka, with gryphons 19.10.2013
The Wood Between Worlds... The road to Upper Pisang 18.10.2013
Chame (with some waterfalls and self-development) 16.10.2013
Rain and banana pie: Syange to Tal 15.10.2013
Doomed goats and roadside drama: approaching a trek 13.10.2013
Who am I, who's this 'Rich' guy? Why are we going anywhere? 12.10.2013
Yatri Hah: Kathmandu 09.10.2013